Making friends in the countryside.

bookworm_friendsI was out walking today when I met these guys. They looked so pretty and happy eating in their pasture, and the sun was shining, so I stopped to take a picture or five. When I caught their eye, they both approached me.


Once it was established that I was not carrying carrots or apples or any kind of treats, this fella said his goodbyes and went back to his meal of tasty grass. It’s ok, I wasn’t offended; I don’t tend to be very social when I’m hungry either.

But this guy…


This guy would have stayed with me all day long. I stroked his pretty hair and tickled his nose and he still kept coming back for more. If it wasn’t for the promise of tasty lunch at the pub, I would probably still be there, chatting away.

I’ll be back, friend.

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