Oh no.

Would you care to have a look at this picture? What do you see?


Do you see the fluffy clouds taking on shades of purple and pink and gold as they reflect the last rays of the sun? Aren’t they pretty? What about the naked trees? Gone are the golden leaves of autumn, winter is officially here. I already have the chilblains to prove it. And do you see the water? It’s not a river, it’s not a lake and it’s not a pond.

The recent heavy rain meant that a lot of my very favourite parts of the countryside are slowly being cut off because of the floodwater. We haven’t had serious flooding in this area, thankfully. And of course, I know rain is vital and very much needed. But it also means I have to say goodbye to the footpaths that make up some of my favourite walks in the Oxfordshire countryside that will soon be inaccessible even with wellies. Which sucks.

Still, at least it makes for a pretty picture.

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