Tomato and Cranberry Chutney

Even though we are big fans of chutney in this house, I had never made before. For some reason I felt a bit intimidated and thought it would be a long, arduous process. Nothing could be further from the truth. Of all the edible gifts I made this year, this chutney was the easiest to make.

bookworm_chutney1First, wash your bright, red, fresh cranberries. Don’t they look nice? Don’t be tempted to have one, they are really sour! I speak from -sour- experience.

Wash the cherry tomatoes, too. You can have a couple of these, they are tasty.


Put the cranberries and tomatoes in a saucepan. Add the dried cranberries and chopped red onion, and pour in the water. Simmer over medium-low heat. After a couple of minutes, you’ll begin to hear popping noises. You are not imagining things, it just means the cranberries are bursting and releasing their juices.


Add in the vinegar, sugar and spices. Allow to simmer for around 30 minutes.


When it’s done, the chutney will look thick and vibrant. You know it’s the right consistency if you can draw a wooden spoon along the bottom of the pan and see the base for quite a few seconds before the mixture pools back in.


Pour the chutney into sterilised jars while still hot, and seal. I saved some chutney for Quality Testing, my favourite part of the cooking process. I had a bit of the chutney on its own and it was very good, but when I had some with a little bit of mature cheddar it was a combination made in heaven.

bookworm_chutney6So tie ribbons around the jars and gift to people you love, I promise that you are going to be their favourite person.

Here’s the easy-peacy recipe, adapted from Cider with Rosie.


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