Edible Christmas Gifts – Virtual Advent Tour 2013

Kelly and Marg have organised another year of the virtual advent tour for bloggers. This is my first time participating and I thought I would share some ideas for edible Christmas gifts.

I think there’s something lovely about edible gifts, especially if they are homemade. They are such thoughtful gifts, in my opinion. Gifting homemade goodies can also be quite cost effective, more so we if you make big batches.

So about a month ago, I decided that I wanted to make some edible gifts for Christmas. This would be my first time giving homemade, edible presents so I didn’t have any favourite recipes on standby. I started looking on pinterest, in cookbooks, on the many, lovely cooking blogs I read on a regular basis, and in cooking & baking magazines. That’s when I realised that this wasn’t as simple as it seemed at first. I needed to find recipes for something delicious, easy to make, something that packs well and doesn’t go off after a few days outside the fridge. Or maybe that’s just me over-thinking things.

In case you are looking for recipes that are perfect for edible gifts, I thought I’d share what I ended up making. I’m giving some as hostess gifts, some as stocking fillers and some as little presents for friends. I’ll just give you the list here; if something strikes your fancy, to make as a gift or just because, clink on the links to see the full post about it.


First up, an unbelievably delicious and totally simple to make Tomato and Cranberry Chutney. I had never made chutney before and I expected to feel quite intimidated but this was very easy to make and really tasty. If you have a cheese-lover in your life, they need this in their lives.


These Toffee Chocolate Cookie Squares are incredible; I found it very hard to part from them. The flavours of toffee in the dough, lush chocolate on top and a generous sprinkling of pecan nuts, what’s not to like?


Staying on the same theme, I made Butter Toffee with Sea Salt Chocolate. I couldn’t believe how easy this was to make and the result was just perfect.


Finally, I made  Chocolate-dipped Shortbread. I ended up making a second batch of these to keep.

Have you embarked on any Christmas baking adventures? Do you like giving or receiving edible gifts?

Happy baking and merry Christmas!

15 thoughts on “Edible Christmas Gifts – Virtual Advent Tour 2013

  1. Kailana says:

    Looks yummy! I am not much for baking, but one year I plan to try some of the recipes that are showing up on the tour over the years…. Thanks for participating!

  2. tinabakesbread says:

    I am late getting to it but I am going to make Madeline’s this evening. My son is in the Army and he loves getting his package with goodies. I like the shortbread you made, the chocolate dip makes it extra pretty.

  3. Beth F says:

    Wow!! All these look awesome but the shortbread cookies in particular are going on my list for next year. They look awesome.

  4. lindamiller251 says:

    What lucky friends you have to enjoy these gifts. They are wonderful and thoughtful and quite delicious looking–the food, that is, but maybe your friends, too. I”m a toffee lover but candy-making intimidates me. My husband is the fudge guru and using the candy thermometer can get so science-experimenty. Yet all cooking is science so maybe I need to jump in and try this. Thanks for the inspiration.
    Linda M. (Old Food Cooking)

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