I think this is heaven.

bookworm_heaven1 bookworm_heaven2 bookworm_heaven3 bookworm_heaven4 bookworm_heaven5 bookworm_heaven6 bookworm_heaven7 bookworm_heaven8 bookworm_heaven9As part of my birthday celebration, The Boy and I went to Moreton-in-Marsh a couple of weekends ago. The plan was to explore the Cotswolds town and its surrounding countryside, and then visit the Christmas Fair (I might post separately about it) before getting dinner at one of the pubs.

I never expected the countryside to be so utterly beautiful. I mean, my love for the Cotswolds is a well-known fact but, on that particular day it seemed to me that the countryside was at its loveliest. It just didn’t look like it could be real. I think it was the mist, or maybe it was fog patches, that combined with the sunshine and gave everything an ethereal look.

We walked in a circular route past Batsford and Bourton-on-the-Hill and then back to Moreton. By the end of the walk I was convinced we had discovered heaven and it didn’t take me long enough to declare it the best birthday weekend ever!


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