Small, but perfectly formed

I love our sweet, little tree! It may be really tiny, but in my opinion it’s perfect.


This is tree is extra special because it was a birthday gift from The Boy a couple of years ago. I was feeling really blue at the time; it was a combination of reasons, mostly phd woes, the toll of the long-distance relationship and the gloomy weather. I was sharing a flat with 2 lovely girls and my room was the smallest one in the house; I think, in different circumstances it could have been a walk-in closet. So when The Boy decided he wanted to give me Christmas, he had to get a tree that could fit in my little room.

And he did! The tree is probably less than one foot tall and that was really the perfect size. He said he struggled to find baubles that were small enough. But he did find these sweet little wooden clips with red and white doves and hearts.


A lot of things have changed since then. The Boy and I live together, and we have a lot more space than I did two years ago. And yet the this is still our tree. It’s mostly me who’s reluctant to trade up. I’m sure at some point we’ll get a bigger tree. But for now, I’m just having too much fun finding baubles, lights and other ornaments that are teeny and suitable for our tree.

Like the small colourful baubles and these lovely striped, glitter baubles that we found at the Moreton-in-Marsh Christmas Fair.


Finding a tree-topper was a little bit challenging but I found a perfect red star to go on top of our tree.


What’s your Christmas tree like?


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