Weekend reading


I think I shouldn’t be expected to do anything useful or productive in the month of December. Basically, starting on the day after my birthday, all I can think about is decorating the house for Christmas, buying presents for my loved ones, and finding recipes for delicious goodies to bake. I dream of baking days, reading and playing board games on cold nights, having hot toddies and hot chocolate, and going on brisk countryside walks. So I’m basically useless in December.

In between my daydreaming, I sometimes read stuff online. Here are some things I liked from the past week:

I’m not a big fun of over the top holiday light displays; I love this one.

Absolutely stunning winter sunrise pictures by Tania.

Just in case you don’t think voting is important.

Albert Camus dancing, just because. (I still haven’t read any of his books.)

Isn’t Trish’s Christmas tree so pretty? I love that so many of the ornaments are connected to some special memory for her family.

Top picture: From the Christmas Lights fair in Oxford.




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