My local countryside

bookworm_walk2 bookworm_walk9 bookworm_walk4 bookworm_walk5 bookworm_walk6 bookworm_walk8 bookworm_walk7The other day we went for a walk. I call this “my local countryside” because it takes approximately four minutes to get from our home to the meadows. Plus, I like to fantasise that it all belongs to me. (I do this in georgian houses, too.) I imagine that I am part of the landed gentry in the 19th century and this is all part of my estate. “All this, as far as the eye can see, belongs to me!” – I do that bit a lot. I think it’s funny but The Boy might disagree. Anyway. The proximity to the countryside is one of my most favourite things about living in Oxford. That, and the £2 bookshop. Ok, and all the medieval colleges. I might make a list…

Now, about the walk… We crossed the Oxford canal and walked along the Thames path for a bit. I always love walking past the tiny little hamlet in the top picture. And it’s nice to see Wytham Woods in the background, decked in autumnal colours, still.

It was early afternoon and the light was so beautiful and golden, I felt compelled to take dozens of pictures in the meadows. After a few miles of beautiful green fields, ducks, horses, cows, and the Thames river, we reached the Godstow lock and the beautiful Trout Inn, which is a pub on the weir.

Then, it was back to the meadows for the walk home. I think that was my favourite part of the walk because the sun was setting and the air seemed a bit hazy. It just made everything look enchanted.

Do you have a favourite walk? What’s your local countryside like?



9 thoughts on “My local countryside

  1. Literary Relish says:

    I find that the English countryside is the most beautiful at this time of year. Our countryside isn’t quite as ‘lush rolling green hills’ as Oxford but the Kinder plateau is wild and beautifully bleak at the moment. When up at the top of the other day the fields are bright red with the moorland grasses…*sigh* It’s good for the soul this countryside malarky…

    • bookworm says:

      I wholeheartedly agree! Walks in the countryside are an essential ingredient to happiness if you ask me.
      Oh my, it sounds like your local countryside is stunning. Bleak, almost desolate scenery always makes me think of Wuthering Heights, which I love. I hope you get to enjoy lots of misty morning walks this season!

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