Weekend reading


Well that was a fun birthday! Dinner was delicious and I managed to eat the ribs without my face being covered in that divine, sweet and sticky BBQ sauce. I got the loveliest, softest scarf and bobble hat as a present from The Boy; they are going to get a lot of use in the coming months for sure. I also got some very good phd-related news so I really can’t complain; it was a great day!

I don’t have many links to share today, mostly because my blog-reading time has been dedicated solely to bingeing on The Pioneer Woman‘s archives; the woman is such an inspiration.

Geeky and interesting: a TED-Ed lesson about visualising complex ideas.

I’m not sure why or how but this dog thought he was getting his own parade!

Some really perfectly timed photographs.

Have a fantastic weekend!

Top picture: I love it when the water surface is so still it acts as a mirror.

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