Bonfires and Fireworks

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Ever since moving to England, I think I’ve embraced a lot of quaint and quirky english traditions. And yet, I feel that last night was the first time I celebrated Guy Fawkes Night properly.

It has gotten quite cold, especially at night, so I came home from work and added a vest, a second pair of socks, a bobble hat and a wooly scarf to my outfit. Once properly bundled up, The Boy and I headed to a village nearby. At the village green, the bonfire was already blazing; it was so lovely to stand in the warm glow. I loved how everything looked warm and illuminated. There were sparklers aplenty and it was such a delight listening to children having the time of their lives with them. And then, it was time for fireworks! I think that no matter how old I get I will always be excited about fireworks. It’s so nice to embrace my inner child and relish the beautiful lights in the sky. And last night, I even managed to take a decent picture of them!

Being out in the chilly night air, with a fire warming my back, watching the fireworks with The Boy next to me, it was such a perfect evening!

How did you celebrate?


3 thoughts on “Bonfires and Fireworks

  1. Laura says:

    It sounds like you did bonfire night perfectly! I have lived here all my life and never actually been to a bonfire (we’ve had fireworks though, obviously) so I’d say you’re doing better than me, English-wise hehehe!

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