Weekend reading


I’ve had the most stressful week. The lack of sleep, eating junk and almost non-stop work are bad enough, but I think it’s the stress that’s the worse. I was exhausted and yet instead of resting, I spent a large chunk of my sleep time laying awake, stressing and obsessing over things. It’s not surprising then that I’ve been sick for the last two days. I really don’t like that. I’ll be making a serious, conscious effort to worry less and to minimise stress from my life. This weekend was a good start; I only did relaxing and fun things: I went to my yoga class, baked a Nutella cake, and had early nights. Today the sun is shining and so I’m pretty sure a walk in the countryside is essential and then tonight, I’ll of course be watching Downton Abbey. What have you been up to?

A few things to read if you are interested:

You probably shouldn’t wear animal prints at a safari.

Tweeting about EasyJet might get you into trouble.

Danny Wallace tweeted an innocent observation that led to the creation of this tumblr.

I was lucky enough to see it from up close in real life but now everyone can see the LHC on Google street view.

I never thought about it but, apparently shape affects how chocolate tastes.

Fashion is so silly sometimes: this isย a bikini not suitable for swimming.

Have you seen my Happy List?

Have a fantastic Sunday!

Top picture: An orchard in the Cotswolds.

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