Weekend reading


What an exhausting week it has been! This weekend I’m all about catching up on some sleep and just resting. It looks like the weather will be well-suited to staying indoors so I pulled out a couple of blankets for cosy reading on the sofa and perhaps a nap. If the sun does make an appearance I’ll probably go and visit some beautiful Oxford colleges as it’s the Oxford Open Doors Weekend which I really enjoyed last year. What are your plans?

Just a few interesting links:

I hate it when women’s magazines do things like this.

JK Rowling returns to the Harry Potter world.

A list of books Rory Gilmore was seen reading.

Have a lovely weekend!

Top picture: One of my favourite spots on the banks of the Cherwell.

One thought on “Weekend reading

  1. Charlie says:

    I like the idea of the Gilmore Girls challenge, though there are so many books to read! (That said, the number is great at the same time.) Hope you had a good reading weekend.

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