Weekend reading


So a few days ago my Instagram account was bugged; all my pictures disappeared and I couldn’t post new ones. The whole “ordeal” lasted a day and a half and it has since been resolved but, it was strangely and alarmingly upsetting especially since I don’t consider my self a social media addict. I dread to think what would happen if it was my Twitter account instead. Is social media embedded into your everyday life? Isn’t it scary to think of how easily we can become almost dependent on them?

As for weekend plans, I don’t really have any! How about you?

Here are some things I read online this week:

I love fashion but this is a tad confusing.

Why it’s worth it to go for a job you love.

Do you have things in common with Hermione Granger? I certainly do!

Best graffiti ever.

Misconceptions about introverts.

This is just so sad.

Beautiful libraries from all over the world.

Have a fantastic weekend!

Top picture: I love the way the summer light filters through the birch tree branches.

One thought on “Weekend reading

  1. Charlie says:

    There was a photo you linked to on Twitter that I noticed didn’t work, but the next photo I clicked on (someone else’s) didn’t work either so I assumed it was an Instagram-wide issue. I’ll go back and look for the photo now. Twitter for me I wouldn’t worry about so much but when I can’t get onto my website it’s scary.

    We didn’t have any plans but then decided to go shopping and out for lunch. Good weather for it in the end.

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