Weekend reading


So, I know I’m late with this but, I watched The Great Gatsby last Sunday and I loved it. It was just different to how I expected it to be and I thought it was fantastic. I’m now in the mood to reread the book. This weekend is set to be a quiet one; I might just bake these cookies (or these ones that I’ve made before) tomorrow and on Sunday I’ll be cheering The Boy on in a 10K race. What are your plans?

Here are some interesting things to read:

Interesting point of view on DIY.

Apparently, you can buy fake Twitter followers. Who knew?

I’m newly obsessed with this blog. So inspiring!

A sweet cartoon of a John Green quote.

It’s very likely you are already a reader but, here’s Lucy’s guide on How To Cultivate a Reading Habit.

How funny is this quote?

Top picture: White blossoms in the meadows from a recent walk.

P.S. I’ve added a Cooking and Baking category to the sidebar on the right so now all my kitchen adventures are in one place if you’d like to see.

6 thoughts on “Weekend reading

  1. Charlie says:

    Now I’m hungry! I never get bored of blossom photos, there’s so much beauty to them. Fake Twitter followers make no sense to me, it’s easy to find out you’ve paid for them within a few clicks and who wants pointless follows anyway? Last weekend was busy so no plans as such. Reading, hopefully (and predictably?)

    • bookworm says:

      I’m hoping to get some reading done this weekend as well. And yes, buying fake twitter followers seems ridiculous and pointless to me too.

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