Pin it and Do it v.9

This hasn’t been a very successful round of Pin It and Do It. I was on holiday for a large part of May and then I really struggled to get back into my everyday routine. So I didn’t get around to doing a lot of things off my Pinterest, but I sure am proud of the one thing I actually made.


I saw Paul Hollywood make a French Fougasse on his wonderful show, Bread, and I immediately knew I wanted to try it. I’ve been making sourdough bread for months now so it was nice to try something a bit different as this sourdough bread, flavoured with olives and oregano. I think this was actually the first time I made any sort of flavoured bread.

There are several stages in making this bread so it is vital that you have a read through before you get started. Because it is a sourdough and it has the extra ingredients the dough needs a lot of time to rest. It basically took a whole Sunday to bake this. But, of course, there’s no need to stand by the dough while it’s proving so I think you could easily fit making this bread around your day. The dough also requires kneading with olive oil, which is so much fun as you don’t get the annoying floury hands and it makes the dough silky and springy.

The end result was most definitely worth the time and effort. The loaves looked stunning (although I should have stretched the dough a tad more) and the flavour and smell were incredible. I actually forgot to put any olives in the dough but the bread was delicious just with oregano. A few days later, I broke up what was left in small pieces and used them as croutons in this Mushroom soup. I thought it was a great combination!

I’m very glad to have added the fougasse to my bread repertoire. It’s a bread I’ll be making again and it will be interesting to try other flavour combination as well.


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