bookish: Reading in the closet

How open are you about your reading habits? Do people know how much you read? And what about your book acquiring? If you are a book blogger, do people in your life know about it?

I’ve been thinking about these questions lately as in the last year or so I’ve become much more open about my reading habits. I used to be quite the closeted bookworm; apart from my mum, who is a big reader, I don’t think any one knew about my number one hobby. My friends at the time weren’t readers and so the topic of books or reading simply never came up. And I never told anyone about my blog or about how many hours I spent online talking about all things bookish on Twitter or on forums (possibly not the coolest activity in the world but so much fun!).

However, more recently, I’ve found myself talking about my love of reading a lot more, even to people who I know don’t get it. I do have some friends who love to read and we occasionally talk about books, which is always nice. I’ve even told a few people about the Readathon, although, admittedly, that’s a bit harder for people to understand. I don’t know what was keeping me; since reading is a big part of my everyday life, it’s not at all surprising that it’s really nice to talk about with friends.

As for my blog, I’m still very secretive about it. I’m not sure why this is. I don’t think I would mind if a person I know in real life stumbled upon it, but I just can’t imagine telling people. This doesn’t make much sense, I know, especially since I’ve been a little more open about my identity on here. If I don’t mind strangers knowing, why would I mind if my friends found out? I can’t help but think that maybe it’s time to be a little brave and tell a friend or two.

So tell me, is reading something that you talk about a lot in real life? Do your friends know about (and read) your blog?

P.S. The title of this post reminds of that Gilmore Girls episode where Jess goes to California and his dad’s girlfriend’s daughter is literally reading in the closet.


3 thoughts on “bookish: Reading in the closet

  1. Charlie says:

    I used to be more secretive but then I realised how much conversation it can create. I have had a couple of unfortunate reactions though (people droning on about how pointless fiction is) but generally it’s been good. I sometimes mention that I blog, but only a few people know about the site itself. It’s weird really. Reading teaches you so much yet it’s still shunned.

  2. Literary Relish says:

    I’m very fortunate that my entire family and boyfriend are avid readers and I can therefore talk, talk and analyse to my heart’s content. That said, none of my friends (apart from my book group) read really and I have to stop myself mid flow before I become BORING!
    I was very secretive about my blog at first, particularly with work people but I think as you become more comfortable with you writing style and proud of your little world that changes πŸ™‚

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