Weekend reading


What are you doing this weekend? After a last minute change of plans it looks like I’ll be able to participate in the Readathon. I’m so excited; Dewey’s Readathon is my favourite bookish event. I haven’t planned anything as I thought I wouldn’t be able join in on the fun this time, so I still need to compile my book stack and, perhaps most importantly, my snacks for the day! Are you Readathon-ing?

Here are some interesting things to read from around the web…

Some useful strategies for reading difficult books.

Thought-provoking post related to the recent events in Boston…

…and a lighter aspect of the same events.

On having your work stolen.

Number 7 on this list is how I try to live my life.

A tale of stolen books.

Why does planning a wedding make women so crazy?

I hope you have a fantastic weekend!

Top picture: It’s finally warm enough for walks in the countryside and I love the sight of delicate, colourful flowers in the fields.

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