Weekend reading


What are your weekend plans? I’ve got two separate birthday celebrations to go to tomorrow, I’m very excited to catch up with friends. I feel like I’ve barely been at home the last couple of weeks so I’m hoping that on Sunday I won’t do much other than read and nap and maybe bake bread. Our weather is ridiculously wintery so it should accommodate a day of hibernating at home.

Here are some interesting links from this week:

I love cookbooks but I dare say I won’t be buying this one.

I know these gorgeous pictures will be all over Pinterest but, how are you supposed to sit on a sofa if it’s covered in cushions?

I completely agree with Sarah.

The truth about Nicholas Cage and John Travolta.

How to be a coffee nerd.

Some absolutely stunning pictures in Sony World Photography Awards.

How wonderful it would be to have Martha Stewart’s confidence?

Top picture: Bluebells and daffodils in the english countryside back when spring meant warmth and sunshine.

3 thoughts on “Weekend reading

  1. Charlie says:

    Your summary of your picture, yes, it seems spring doesn’t mean that now 😦 I was thinking if that was Oxford at the moment I want to be there! I have to agree with Sarah too. And here’s to the rest of Sunday being about books and relaxing (apart from baking I’m doing the same).

  2. Lucia says:

    I love your weekend posts!
    I’m so tired of the cold weather too. I’ve stared at the pictures for 2 minutes, trying to imagine how great it’d be to be there, in the sun. πŸ™‚

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