Weekend reading


I am so ready for the weekend; this week has been exhausting. As it’s meant to be freezing cold, I’m all about indoor activities: playing Monopoly or charades, having hot cocoa and watching favourite movies, planning our trip to Paris (!), or of course, reading under a soft blanket. What are your weekend plans?

Some things that caught my eye this week:

I know that my American friends have just caught up on Downton Abbey and are, naturally, a tad upset. Here’s something related, to cheer you up.

Doesn’t this look delicious?

I buy myself flowers (the cheap kind) once a week. These are some helpful tips for arranging them.

The Daily Mail (and the Prime Minister) made a fuss over Hilary Mantel’s brilliant essay, although they probably didn’t actually read it. Also, here’s how social media works for the Daily Mail.

How awesome is this bookish coffee table?

I usually love BBC’s adaptations of the classics; I can’t wait for this War and Peace adaptation!

A funny way of deciphering what the British are really saying.

The mostΒ annoying conclusions you could draw from Jane Austen’s novels. And some lovely Jane Austen inspired stamps.

I took the picture above in Green park last Sunday.

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