2013 Resolutions

There’s something so hopeful about the start of a new year. I always feel it’s a time when I can move away from bad habits and towards a more happy, fulfilled life. Not that you can’t make changes in your life at any point in the year, but it feels like there’s extra motivation to do so in January. So now that I’m done reflecting on the past year (here, here and here) it’s time to look to the year ahead.bookworm_bluesky

This year, I thought I’d slow down a bit and give myself some time to think about my resolutions, instead of quickly scribbling them down before midnight on new year’s eve. So I had a week to mull over them, to figure out what my goals are and what I want to keep/alter in my life. These are not the usual, rather negative resolutions. I didn’t want to feel restricted by this list, as in my experience that’s a recipe for failure. (See my recent not-so-successful attempt at a Russian literature reading challenge, where I only read books by three out of the six authors I originally had planned in 2012.) I have to say, even thinking about these positive goals for 2013 in the past week has been very pleasant and I’m very excited to incorporate them in my life.
1. Take good care of your body. I am determined to keep my good habits like running and drinking lots of water. But I’d like to be more consistent with skin and hair care. I’m also really excited to make time for yoga as it’s something I really enjoy but for some reason it’s always been low on my list of priorities so far. Diet-wise, I’m pretty happy with what I eat but a few more fruit and veg wouldn’t hurt. Disclaimer: this does not mean there won’t be the occasional Doritos incident.
2. Dress up. During the week I am surrounded by male scientists (no, it’s not like on The Big Bang Theory) which makes it really easy to neglect my appearance. I suspect that I could go in wearing pyjamas and most wouldn’t even notice. But I enjoy dressing up, and it makes me feel better if I have a nice outfit on and my hair is not a mess. This is obviously completely superficial but I know that my days are happier when I make the effort.
3. Join a library. Since I moved, I have been using the university library in London, but I still haven’t joined one in Oxford. It’s time to finally do this. I find it very comforting to have a library card in my purse.
4. Be positive. And smile often. I don’t just mean I will try to not be pessimistic and think negative thoughts. I want to be actively positive. Of course, I can’t ignore the fact that bad things happen and there are days when everything seems to go wrong, but I’ll try to focus on the happiness-inducing things in my life however small they are.


5. Send letters in the post. I love receiving letters in the post but I also love sending them as I know they will most likely put a smile on a loved one’s face. So I plan on using my cute stationery supplies even more this year.
6. Be efficient. I have an incredible talent at time-wasting and procrastination. This always leads to awfully stressful situations. So I will put my time to good use, focus on one task at a time and, hopefully, be more productive.
7. Make blogging a bigger priority. I really love this little blog and I’d be thrilled to see it grow, and most of all I enjoy connecting to others through comments or Twitter or Pinterest or events like the Readathon and challenges like Pin It and Do It. So in 2013 I will be more consistent with posts and networking. To this end, I have also joined Instagram, and I already love how easy it makes it to share pretty pictures from my everyday life.
8. Be grateful. This is perhaps my most significant resolution.
I think it’s important to think about all the blessings in my life and cherish them and feel grateful about them. I like the idea of thinking about just one thing I’m grateful for every single day.

What do you think about my resolutions? Have you set any goals for yourself in 2013?


4 thoughts on “2013 Resolutions

  1. Charlie says:

    Taking time to think about resolutions is more likely to turn up ones you can keep; spending a week was surely a good idea 🙂 I like that you’ve chosen things that you’d already started too, because continuing on from something you have positive experience with will also help. I hadn’t actually thought of doing that myself, examining the positive in the way you have. Rather an inspiring thought. Loving that second picture, it’s beautiful!

    • bookworm says:

      I think a positive outlook on life makes such a big difference. Even the smallest detail or activity that makes you smile makes every day so much happier!

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