Pin It and Do It v.5

I was so glad when Trish decided to do a festive version of Pin It and Do It even though the last round just ended. (I was one of the people who voted for a monthly Pin It and Do It as I really enjoy it so much.) This time we have slightly longer to complete our pins as it’s running until the end of the year. Which is my way of saying that if you haven’t joined, there’s still plenty of time to start pinning and doing. I believe there is no sign up post so just post your links here.

I have to be honest, I completed this project a few days before the actual start date. But I was too excited about it not to share, as this was the very first time I did anything crafty in all my adult life. The inspiration came when I saw this beautiful tray that Emily of Cupcakes and Cashmere made. Now, as I pretty much can’t afford anything that she mentions/wears/uses, I read her blog simply for all the pretty pictures, beautiful clothes and style inspiration. So I was truly thrilled when she posted this tutorial for decorating a simple tray with glitter and twine that I could actually recreate.

I couldn’t find glitter tape anywhere so I spent a happy afternoon playing with glitter and glue; once it was dry I simply wrapped the twine around the handles. I have to say I’m mighty pleased with how it came out. I like the contrast of the glitter with the rustic touch of twine. I’ve been using my new tray to group together The Boy’s vintage decanter and tumblers. We are very slowly building a bar (that statement feels so grown up) and I am really looking forward to using my tray while entertaining.

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3 thoughts on “Pin It and Do It v.5

  1. Trish says:

    Just got a pingback for this post and so sad that I missed it! (this is why I didn’t do monthly link-ups…because I couldn’t keep up with the comments…wahhhhh). 😉 So beautiful!! And does this mean your blog is back up again? ❤

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