Pin It and Do It v.4

With the end of October came the end for this edition of Pin It and Do It hosted by Trish.

I baked one more sourdough bread in October.(To see the other bread recipes I made in October click here.) Since I feed my starter with rye flour I wanted to try a recipe with a higher percentage of rye flour. This 47% Rye Bread* looked really pretty so I thought I’d give it a go.

I think this was my favourite out of the bread recipes I’ve tried this month. It had a slightly denser texture and a lovely sour flavour. Plus I loved the way it looked; I’m definitely doing the criss-cross pattern again.

This recipe doesn’t require super long resting time for the dough but it says to let the baked bread sit for about 12 hours. I managed to bake the bread on Sunday afternoon/evening and then it was ready to be cut for breakfast on Monday morning. It was a particularly grey and miserable morning and the bread, toasted with a generous spreading of butter and damson jam, helped cheer me up. It is also a great sandwich bread.

Overall I think this was a success and I will be making this again for sure. I thoroughly enjoyed my bread-oriented Pin It and Do It month and I’m looking forward to participating next time.

*Despite actually being a scientist, I am not so very precise when it comes to bread baking. I mean, I try and use the required quantities of everything but I can’t claim that my loaf was 47% rye and not 46 or 48. I also don’t follow strict percentages when it comes to feeding my starter. So far it’s all working fine but I’m sure there are those who would say it is really important to be accurate.

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