Sunday chat

This has been a long, eventful week. I flew to Paris on Monday morning for a three day “geek conference”. The schedule didn’t leave much time for sight seeing but I think I made the most of it. I managed to get up super early every day and walk around, and the exploring continued in the evening. I managed to see quite a bit of Paris and I absolutely fell in love with it. I think my favourite part was getting to see the Eiffel Tower at half seven in the morning, with no one else around and the sun rising opposite. I really really want to go back on a proper holiday so that I can actually go into places like the Louvre and Notre Dame and Versailles.

So I got back on Thursday and then on Friday was the wedding of a very dear friend of mine. It was such a lovely, sweet ceremony and then the festivities were wonderful and allowed me to catch up with friends. Yesterday was spent mostly catching up on phd work. There’s something incredibly virtuous about going in to work on a Saturday. It does get a bit creepy being all alone in the department, especially when I have to make some kind of big movement every so often to keep the motion activated lights on.

No baking today unfortunately as I forgot to take my sourdough starter out of the fridge on Friday so I haven’t been feeding it. (I hate to think of what this says about my abilities as a potential parent/pet owner.) I wanted to bake some bread as The Boy is making a beef stew which is perfect for a cold evening like this. After dinner, I’m quite looking forward to the last episode of this Downton Abbey season. Are you a Downton fan?

Hope you’ve had a nice weekend!

EDIT: Actually, I ended up baking a quick soda bread to go with the hearty beef stew. It came almost as a revelation to me that I didn’t have to bake something involving my sourdough starter! I like soda bread as it is so quick and easy to make, plus it’s properly delicious. My favourite recipe is this one by Lorraine Pascale.


One thought on “Sunday chat

  1. Charlie says:

    Your time in Paris sounds very nice. Glad you were able to bake in the end. I didn’t realise Downton had finished, it seems so soon since the season started.

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