Pin It and Do It v.3

As I mentioned before, I joined the Pin It and Do It challenge again and this time I wanted to focus on making bread recipes. (Actually, I did bake these Nutella cookies too, but The Boy and I practically inhaled them so quickly that by the time I remembered to take a picture there were none left. So I highly recommend them.)

The first thing I wanted to try out was a simple, basic white bread recipe. This recipe by Joy the Baker seemed straightforward enough. I don’t have a stand mixer (I spend a lot of time daydreaming about a KitchenAid) so I did it all by hand and it really wasn’t hard at all. The dough was very well behaved and kneading it was quite fun.

The loaf was a gorgeous golden brown colour and had a nice crust. I think this is a great basic bread and would be a great introduction in the world of bread baking. I’m just sorry I halved the recipe; one loaf just goes too fast!

I wasn’t planning on venturing into the sourdough world until I had some more experience with bread made with yeast. But then, I suddenly found myself the proud owner of a high quality sourdough starter and the opportunity was too good to pass. So last week involved a lot of research and finally on Sunday I baked my very first sourdough bread.

I decided to make this recipe for Norwich sourdough bread that seemed simple enough. I have to say I had very low expectations due to my inexperience and also because I didn’t follow the recipe precisely. The recipe calls for white flour but I used wholemeal. In case things went wrong, I didn’t want to end up with two massive loafs that weren’t nice, so I did a quarter of the recipe to produce a small-ish loaf. Because I’m an instant gratification kind of girl and also not great at planning things in advance, I left the dough in a warm spot in our kitchen for 2 hours instead of leaving it to rest in the fridge for 16 hours. I understand that doing so would have resulted in a more sour flavour, a crispier crust and perhaps a more impressive rise.

Still, I’m very happy with my little loaf. The crust in nice and crunchy and it has risen well. It’s just a really nice bread. It was all I could do to wait for it to cool a little bit before I had a slice with butter. For the last two mornings I’ve been having it toasted with some jam for breakfast and it’s delicious. My first foray in the sourdough world was much easier and more successful than I expected, I’m definitely going to be trying out more sourdough recipes soon.

Here’s another sourdough bread recipe I made for this challenge.

Do you bake bread? Do you have any words of wisdom for sourdough baking? Also, how on earth do you take nice pictures of bread?


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