Autumn adventures

Last weekend a walk in the countryside turned into a visit at an orchard for apple picking. It was a glorious, crisp autumn day and wandering among the ancient apple trees was just a lovely way to spend an afternoon. Nothing compares to the smell of real apples just cut from the branches. It was also a great opportunity to buy some great local products, like preserves and chutneys.

I spent this morning going from stall to stallΒ at the local farmers market, buying high quality locally-sourced for supper. If the chilly weather and the falling leaves weren’t enough of a reminder that it’s autumn, there were loads of different kinds of gourds to be found. Autumn definitely means baking so it wasn’t surprising that my favourite part of the market was the bread stall. Apart from a long conversation about bread making, the owner gave us some of his 10 year old sourdough starter. I’ve never baked this kind of bread so I’m really excited to try.

What are your favourite autumnal activities? Do you feel like baking when the weather gets cold? Do you have any experience with sourdough bread?


5 thoughts on “Autumn adventures

  1. Charlie says:

    Harvest time πŸ™‚ Walking in this weather (well, maybe not the rain) can be so lovely, I can see why you did so. I haven’t baked much in autumn particularly, though I’m planning to this yes. No idea about sourdough I’m afraid.

    • bookworm says:

      I’m a big fan of the english countryside and it is especially pretty at this time of the year; so weekend walks are a must!
      I love how warm and cosy the house feels with the smell of baked goods.

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