Readathon: Hour 3

It’s hour 3 of the readathon and I’m just having a little break from reading my books to spend some time reading blog posts and catching up on #readathon on twitter. I’ve read about 60 pages of The Casual Vacancy so far and I think it’s very good, although I dislike a lot of the characters. Unfortunately I can’t think of a way to recreate the cover, so I’m not sure I’ll participate in the first challenge this year, which is a shame because I really enjoyed it last year. Oh well.

Below are my answers to the introductory questionnaire.

Today I’m reading from Oxford, England. It’s a crisp autumnal day which I think is perfect for hours spend reading under a blanket.

I’ve been saving The Casual Vacancy since I got it two weeks ago especially for today, so I’m very excited to finally be reading it.

I’m quite looking Β forward to the lime & coriander houmous I got, it’s my favourite kind and of course the Doritos which are becoming a readathon snack tradition.

I think the about bookworm page sums me up pretty well but I feel I should also let you know that I sometimes practise yoga and dream of being this girl, I am obsessed with Mary Berry, and my favourite meal is my mum’s meatballs.

Ok, time to have some snacks and then it’s back to reading! How’s your Readathon going so far?

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