Sunday chat

This was a busy but quiet week for me. The weather is still nice but cooler and distinctly autumnal, which I love. I bought a pair of wellies a few weeks ago so I’m ready for the rain and the puddles that it brings.

I didn’t read much over lunch on Wednesday because I was distracted by the London Fashion Week preparations going on next door. It’s always really bizarre to watch all those ridiculously fashionable people and gorgeous models coming and going, trying to balance on their towering heels on the Somerset House cobblestones, while I’m just thinking about particles and struggling with my computer code. It also makes one feel like a complete ragamuffin. Oh well.

In more book related news, I went to the library to get some books for my russian lit challenge. Initially I got a bit carried away (this always happens to me in the library) Β but in the end I put the Dostoevskys back as I don’t think I could have read them all before I ran out of renewals. But I am very excited to read Anna Karenina for the first time.

I also bought a couple of books (check out the video below to see those, plus a completely unrelated picture of a bunny!), so I think I’m set for reading material for at least the next month.

I’m really excited to be going for a nice Sunday roast at the pub later, but other than that it’s been a rather quiet weekend. Which, really, is my favourite kind. How are you spending yours?


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