Mini Review: Snobs by Julian Fellowes

Snobs was delicious, the perfect book to read while lounging by the pool on my summer holiday. It offers a brilliant look into the super-priviledged world of the English upper class in a way that reminded me a bit of my beloved Nancy Mitford novels.

The best thing about it is that the narrator, just like the author himself, really knows this world, he actually comes from it, but he has enough distance to make fun of it. The satire is never mean-spirited though; there’s certainly a lot of mocking observations of Englishness, but I think it’s done in a loving way.

“She had that uniquely English talent of demonstrating, through her scrupulously polite manner, just how awful she thought the company. She could leave a roomful crushed and rejected and yet congratulate herself on behaving perfectly. It is of course of all forms of rudeness the most offensive as it leaves no room rebuttal. Even at the height of hostility the Moral High Ground is never abandoned.”

*Little fun fact: Julian Fellowes is the creator of Downton Abbey.


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