Where in the World: Local Bookstore

Where in the World are you reading is a new monthly meme introduced by Trish, Kailana and Lisa. For the first month, everyone is sharing is their favorite local bookstore.*

I’ve mentioned it so many times but I never get tired of saying how awesome The Last Bookshop is. I discovered the Bristol branch almost two years ago on one of my visits to The Boy, and it was only a matter of minutes before I declared it my favourite shop in the world. I mean, how could I resist a bookstore where every single (brand new) book costs a mere £2?

And then a few months ago I moved and I was delighted to discover that my beloved bookstore has an Oxford branch as well. The selection is incredible, I don’t think there’s been a time when I didn’t find at least one book that I wanted to read there. They don’t have brand new releases, but you will have noticed that I don’t read current, trendy books often so that’s never been a problem.

It’s not just fiction books, I’ve built my cooking book collection almost exclusively with books bought here, and I have also bought many lovely, coffee table books. These are books that normally retail for £25 so it always makes me extra happy when I buy a book from here.

So if you ever visit Bristol or Oxford (I believe these are the only stores, would love to find out that I’m wrong) I highly recommend you spend an hour or so browsing the book selection at The Last Bookshop. I would love to hear about your local bookstore in the comments!

*I know this post is late as the deadline was this Wednesday, but I was on holiday and my scheduled post didn’t actually post. Still, even though I missed the roundup by Trish, I wanted to post this since I really love my local bookstore.


5 thoughts on “Where in the World: Local Bookstore

  1. honor says:

    I go to the Bristol one every time I visit my sister and I think it’s amazing! There’s also a similar shop in London opposite the British Library where all the books are £2 – although sadly it’s not as good as the Bristol one. (Also I just looked it up and apparently there are in fact two of them in Oxford!)

  2. Trish says:

    Ahhhhh!!! I’m so so sorry I missed this and wish you would have pinged me. Thank you for joining along, even if a few days late (and here I am a few months late commenting). Love cheap books–my favorite is a secondhand chain called Half Price Books. Adore them.

    • bookworm says:

      Aw it’s ok, I should have send you a tweet or something. I know I’ll be too busy to participate in Where in the World every month, but I will try and do a few more for sure!
      I always feel so good about myself when I buy cheap books, it’s almost as if it doesn’t count. My overloaded bookcases don’t seem to agree. Hm…

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