Armchair BEA: Omnibus

Well that didn’t go as planned. At all. Particle physics took over my life this week and I have an important deadline looming which is why I missed out on most of the Armchair BEA. I did however manage to read quite a few posts and discovered some lovely blogs to follow. Since I didn’t have much to say about some of the topics of the week anyway, I thought I would just combine everything in one post today.

So I’ve been thinking about the books I read so far this year trying to decide which was my top book so far. While, as I mentioned in my introductory post, The Apple by Michel Faber was truly great, I think most of my best reading moments for 2012 so far came courtesy of Mr Bill Bryson. I don’t even think the books by him that I read this year are his best ones, but it is such a joy reading them.

As far as book or book-blogging related real-life experiences, I believe I only ever had one. I mean, most, if not all, the people I interact with in this lovely bookish community of ours live across an ocean from where I am, so it’s rather tricky to actually go beyond the internet connections. But when someone does cross that ocean then I am all up for putting faces to the blogs. And that is how I met Michele from My Books. My Life. last summer. I first bonded with Michele over our love for Gilmore Girls and the many books Rory Gilmore read, and I’ve been reading her blog and talking to her on Twitter for years. So it was really great to finally meet her when she was traipsing around Europe with her lovely husband, Ben. We spent an afternoon walking around in London, and we didn’t talk about books one bit, but still, that was a fantastic book-blogging related experience.

I’ve been thinking about blogging tips and most of what I would say has already been said. I mean, Twitter is awesome, commenting on posts is good, events like this or like Dewey’s Readathon are fun and scheduling posts will make your life easier (I need to try and do that more, evidently).

And here’s another one: read what you want to read and post what you want to post. I like that being in the book-blogging community introduces me to new books, authors or genres, but I always try to read (and review) books that I actually want to read and I’m in the mood for, not just popular titles that will bring traffic to my blog. I dare say, if you are interested in it, inevitably someone else will be and you might end up meeting some like-minded people. Not that it should be about your site stats, we are all doing this because talking about books is fun and I try to keep it fun be not stressing out about daily visits or reading books I don’t want to. I am also not limiting my self to just talking about books. I feel like my blog should reflect me and my life so whether it’s travelling or  cooking, if I want to talk about it, I do.

So that’s my little tip. I would love to hear your thoughts, ideas and advice in the comments. How has your Armchair BEA week been? Met amazing new people? Any new blogs you love? Tell me, tell me!


6 thoughts on “Armchair BEA: Omnibus

  1. Karen says:

    I like you advice to read what you want to read and post what you want to post. At first I was so anxious about what I read and how I would be judged for it. I quickly realized if I wanted to keep this fun, I had to be myself. I will link to your blog when I do my “tips” post later today (or tomorrow). thanks!

  2. Lauren@The Housework Can Wait says:

    Great advice. I started my blog for me, because I love to read, and what fun is it to read stuff you don’t want to read?

    And I totally sympathize with your scheduling problems. I’m kind of shocked that I was able to post on time every day (this last day was by the skin of my teeth), and I don’t ever have nearly as good an excuse as particle physics.

    Great post! Here’s my Armchair BEA Ask the Experts post.

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