Pin It and Do It v.2

Following the success of my previous attempts at actually doing the things I’ve pinned, I was keen to bake some more. I’ve had these Salted Chocolate Vanilla Bean Cookies by Joy the Baker on my recipe board for a while, and I had all the ingredients at home, so I decided to give them a try.

So, on Saturday afternoon I got to baking while The Boy was outside in the garden setting up for a bbq. Tangent: Did everyone in the UK have a bbq last weekend? It certainly seemed so. I used to take sunny weather for granted, but now I truly appreciate every single day of sunshine we get. Plus, you can’t beat England when it’s sunny. Here’s a picture of the garden just because it’s pretty:

Anyway, back to the cookies. The recipe is very simple but the dough requires quite a bit of time in the fridge, so it’s best to plan ahead. I hadn’t, so I just spent the waiting time out in the garden drinking cranberry juice (and later, Pimms). I also used vanilla extract because vanilla beans are expensive and I find that the end result is not different. I really enjoyed lining the cookies up on the baking sheets, I thought the dark and light patterns were nice:

Have you noticed how trendy salted chocolate and salted caramel seem to be lately? I’ve seen countless variations in shops and bakeries and everything I’ve tried, I liked. So I wasn’t worried when I was sprinkling sea salt on the chocolatey side of the cookies. This is the only picture of the baked cookies I managed to get, they were greatly appreciated, and most of them were gone within minutes.

They were really very good. The slight saltiness goes brilliantly with the chocolate, even the people who thought is was a strange combination liked it. My only complaint is that the cookies were gone too soon. I will be making this one again for sure.

What have you been baking recently? Do you have any pinterest recipe success/disaster stories?

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