Easter in the Countryside

Predictably, I was all too happy to spend four days in the countryside over Easter. After all, the part of the world where the Boy grew up left me charmed when I visited last year.


However, we weren’t as lucky with the weather this year. It was rainy and cold and windy for most of the time, but we still managed to squeeze in a few hours walking around.


And what I realised is that this moody, grey, drizzly weather actually suits the English countryside, it brings out its beauty. At times when we were walking in the fields, with the wind blowing and dark, menacing clouds gathering above us, I felt like I was a character in Wuthering Heights. Which was kind of awesome.


Plus, when in the country, what’s more appropriate than putting on your wellies to hop around muddy fields for a while and returning home rain-soaked and flushed and happy just in time for tea?


2 thoughts on “Easter in the Countryside

  1. Bina says:

    That looks beautiful! And those trees do look like something out of Wuthering Heights. The weather isn’t so bad as long as you get tea when you go inside 😉

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