Readathon: Hour 13

We are halfway through the readathon already. I have to admit that the last couple of hours I haven’t been doing a lot of reading. I’ve been having entirely too much fun following the #readathon on twitter, cheering people on and stumbling into lovely new to me book blogs. How are you doing so far?

Here are my answers for the MidEvent Survey:

1) I am a bit sleepy, after all it is past 1 am here. I’ve been finding it hard to focus on what I am reading, which is why I’ve spent some time reading blog posts and chatting on twitter.

2) I haven’t finished a book yet, but I have 60 pages left to finish A Walk in the Woods, so that’s good motivation to keep reading.

3) I am greatly enjoying A Walk in the Woods. Bill Bryson cracks me up.

4) I made a roasted pear with cinnamon, sugar and cream that was pretty awesome. Doritos aren’t bad either.

5) Lots and lots of great new blogs have been discovered. I really enjoyed the Book Staging mini challenge (you can see my entry here) hosted by Midnight Book Girl.

2 thoughts on “Readathon: Hour 13

  1. litandlife says:

    I really don’t know how anyone reads the entire 24 hours. Besides, if all you do is read then you don’t get the fun of talking to everyone and finding new blogs which is part of what it’s all about.

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