The Lost Continent by Bill Bryson

My love for Bill Bryson is well documented. I really enjoyed everything I’ve read by him so far. So, since February was a particularly difficult month for me, I though that reading about Bill’s travels in small town America would be a perfect book to lift my spirits. (It was either that or some P.G. Wodehouse, rather predictably.)

This book is so good! It’s basically just Bill, alone, driving his mum’s car, visiting 48 states.  Even though some of the driving time must have been ridiculously dull, reading about it was anything but that. Bryson has many, many stories from his youth in America to tell, most of them of the laugh-out-loud kind. He also shares obscure facts about the places he visits as well as thoughts on how things changed in America in his long absence. Part of the reason he took this journey was to try and find the perfect, ideal American small town (aka a real-life Stars Hollow). I don’t want to spoil it for you so I won’t say if he does in the end.

It is always evident in the book just how much Bill loves his mother country, even if he is forever talking about the bad things about it in his seriously funny, mostly self-deprecating way. Reading this book made me really want to do a road-trip in the US someday. I think everyone will appreciate this book, highly recommend it.

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