The Russians Part 1: Alexander Pushkin

First up in my challenge for this year, was Alexander Pushkin. I have to admit I had high expectations for this one, because, after all, “nothing smells like Pushkin”… 😉 I had also read The Queen of Spades a couple of years ago and I remember really liking it.

So I picked up The Captain’s Daughter and Other Tales from the library. I didn’t care much for The Captain’s Daughter even though I heard it was one of the most influential of Pushkin’s stories and an excellent example of Russian realism apparently. I just thought it was a tad boring and wasn’t particularly keen on any of the characters.

Things improved after that though, I really enjoyed reading Dubrovsky, a kind of Russian Robin Hood tale. Also, The Postmaster was quite nice although very short. My favourite story was Peter the Great’s Negro which unfortunately was unfinished. It’s got the premises for such a fascinating story and it is apparently a kind of autobiography since the negro in the story was the authors great-grandfather or something like that. Such a shame that he never finished it.

All in all, it was quite an enjoyable read, and the simple way all the stories are written in makes for easy reading. Have you read anything by Pushkin? What did you think of his stories?

Next up in the challenge, Nikolai Gogol’s stories and plays. Join me!


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