Love and stuff

So it’s Valentine’s day today. I’m not big on Valentine’s day, never have been. I don’t care for trashy lingerie, red roses or pink champagne. Well ok, pink champagne sounds good. Particularly when it comes in this form. I wish I lived in a world were casually spending £11 for a tiny box of chocolates was a thing, alas I do not.

Anyway, even though I don’t generally participate in the day’s festivities, I do like to take the opportunity and do something nice for the people I love, myself included. It’s such a pleasure to do something special for someone, or to just get myself a little treat. This year I made breakfast for The Boy. He’s usually in charge of breakfast, so I had to sort of force him to stay in bed, but in the end he liked it. I made raspberry and dark chocolate chunk pancakes.

I went for a nice long walk on my lunch break and wandered around Liberty for a while which always makes me happy. I saw this in the stationery department and I smiled:

Tonight, I’m watching Gilmore girls episodes and having a few of these:

So on Valentine’s day I gladly skip the overpriced flowers and set menus and just make someone feel loved. A cuddle does the trick. I take the day to think about everything and everyone I love, feel grateful for them. Make a point of doing something that makes me smile.

Hope you are smiling today too!


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