Thoughts on the Readathon

You know, I really love the Readathon, however I think I don’t actually like reading books this fast.

I prefer spending a few days with a book, reading a bit every day. Β I’ve realised that reading quickly, trying to read as many pages as I can in a day, stresses me out and I don’t enjoy the book as much. Also, I’ve noticed that I have trouble remembering a lot about a book if I didn’t spend a lot of time with it.

I understand that there is a big sense of achievement in reading so many pages in one day (some amazing readathoners read more than 1000 pages which just blows my mind). But we all read books because we enjoy to, and it would be silly to let stressing over stats and numbers take that enjoyment away. So, I think for the future readathons, I’ll stick to cheerleading and maybe hosting giveaways and challenges instead.


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