White Powder, Green Light by James Hawes

This one was definitely an unusual choice for me. I don’t usually read books from The Boy’s collection, it’s often the other way around with me making him read books I love. But I’m glad I read White Powder, Green Light.

It is a very amusing book, I found the plot interesting and fast-paced. It offers a satirical view of the media world and the people who spend their lives mostly in the W1 postcode of London. I laughed while reading certain parts and I really liked that the people in it actually talk like real people do, with differences in their backgrounds and education reflected in their way of speaking.

While I enjoyed reading this book, I do think it might be more geared towards men. It’s not a girly book, the way it’s written feels to me like what 20-something boys would like. It has a few graphic scenes and, being set in the Soho media life, drugs and sex are big themes in it, not that I was bothered by this.


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