Readathon: Hour 1 – Introductory Post

Hello readathoners! I thought I’d have a little break from reading and introduce myself to everyone who stumbles on this little blog…

So, for this Readathon, I’m reading in my flat in London, UK. It’s quite crisp and autumnal weather today, in my opinion a great day to cosy up with a good book and read.

Hm, three random facts about me…. Well, I have double jointed thumbs and that seems to freak people out a lot. I’m a pretty good baker (have a look at what I baked yesterday for the readathon). I use references from the Gilmore Girls a lot, sadly not many people get them.

I have a pile of 5 books for the readathon. Very ambitious since I’m combining participating with spending time with The Boy who’s just here for the weekend. I’ll be happy if I finish even one, I don’t really set any particular reading goals. Oh, actually one goal is to restrain myself from eating both packs of Doritos in my snack pile.

My advice is to not get intimidated when you see people posting their reading stats. Everyone has a different rhythm and it’s not a competition. And of course to enjoy it!


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