Cliveden House

My recent stay in the great english countryside wasn’t just valleys and hills. It also included a visit to this magnificent estate, set on banks high up above the Thames. Β The grounds are lovely and varied, the house itself is stunning and the views across the valley below are gorgeous.

Strolling down the sloping banks away from the house got us to a stretch of the river that was impossibly beautiful. It was hard to believe this is the same river I see every day in the heart of London.

If you happen to be in Buckinghamshire someday, do visit Cliveden, it comes highly recommended.


5 thoughts on “Cliveden House

    • bookworm says:

      I’m pretty much obsessed with the 19th century so I was very excited to visit this stately home and I was not disappointed! You should definitely try and visit..

  1. Lyndsey says:

    You went to cliveden! Am so jealous! I wrote my undergraduate thesis on Nancy Astor and always wanted to see her house. Especially love the first picture.

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