Properly autumnal shopping list

I don’t know if you are still enjoying sunny, hot days, but in London summer is definitely over. Yes, I’m pretending we actually had a summer in the UK. The leaves are starting to fall and the air is crisp. Autumn is here. This brings up the need to shop for certain necessities: 
  • Wellies. Upcoming trip to the countryside makes purchase of wellington boots a necessity. I don’t particularly care much for the deep puddles in London when it rains either. The problem is, The Boy, being a proper country lad, says that wellies shouldn’t cost more than £5, which makes buying the £70 Hunter wellies in dark blue that I wanted rather problematic. Any thoughts?
  • Argyle socks. I’m currently loving the idea of pairing my wellies with a pair of argyle knee socks. Good to keep those toes toasty as well.
  • Folders, notebook, pencils, pens. I have just returned from geek-camp, where I spent two weeks mainly feeling stupid compared to the other phd students but also studying obscure and relatively incomprehensible physics theories, so I have a lot of notes to organise. But really, I always feel like buying school supplies in September. And who doesn’t love the smell of pencils?
  • Books. I’m very much looking forward to my next visit to the brilliant Bristol bookstore where all the books cost £2. I don’t really have specific books in mind, the stock is constantly changing and there are always some amazing finds. I’m thinking maybe this little shop has something to do with the mysterious increase in the number of books I own this year. But, anyway, the important thing is that rainy, chilly autumnal days call for staying in with a cup of tea and a book, don’t you agree?
Does autumn put you in the mood for specific activities, foods etc? Did you make any great autumnal purchases?

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