Eva Luna by Isabel Allende

So I went home for two weeks and I really did plan on reading War and Peace while there. But it turned out it was literally and metaphorically too heavy a book for the beach so sadly I barely read any of it while there. (There has been progress since, partly thanks to the many hours I spent in doctor’s waiting rooms since I’ve been back.)

Thankfully, my mum is a big reader, so our bookshelves at home are stocked with lots and lots of books that I plan to read eventually. Not surprisingly, I picked up another Isabel Allende book, Eva Luna. I loved it, it was amazing and provided many blissful reading hours at the beach (always under the umbrella with lots of sunscreen on).

I don’t want to give away the plot, but this book, just like her other novels that I’ve read, has a unique, fascinating heroine, is set in a beautiful and strange country and in a brilliant way intertwines the real world with supernatural elements.

I have to say, I think this one was my favourite of Allende’s books. It reads almost like a fairytale, just like the strange and fascinating stories that the heroine of the book makes up. Allende’s kids are very lucky because I’m sure they got amazing bedtime stories from their mum, she is such a story-teller.


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