In the land of endless summer

I don’t usually think about it but, I’m quite lucky. Because, as much as I love living in London, the teeny tiny mediterranean island I come from is a pretty awesome place to go on holiday. It is practically guaranteed to be warm and sunny, with glorious white sand beaches and of course delicious mum-made food.

So here are my favourite things about the place I call home… First of all, looking up at the blue sky, with no clouds in sight, preferably while reading underneath palm trees by the sea. Long walks by the sea, my toes sinking in white sand, collecting seashells and pebbles.

Swimming in secluded coves, where the water is surreally, out of this world turquoise and so clear you can see fish swimming beneath you.

Tiny fishing boats lined at quaint little ports in the mid-day heat. Playing with kittens in the late afternoon sun.

Quenching my thirst with fresh water from a village’s stone drinking fountain. Cobblestone streets and myriads of potted plants outside houses. The night air scented with the smell of jasmine. Hidden, secret, streams and small waterfalls in forest clearings. Delicious, mouthwatering meals like freshly caught trout with a lemony, buttery, garlicky sauce.DSC01134DSC01133Β 

Do you have a favourite summer destination?

All pictures were taken by me.

5 thoughts on “In the land of endless summer

  1. Kristie says:

    So jealous you get to call such a beautiful place home! I’ve wanted to take a Mediterranean cruise for a long time, and your pictures just make me want to go even more.

    But I do have a favorite place for vacation: my family’s cottage at a small inland lake. I go every summer and always love it πŸ™‚

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