The Goddess Experience by Gisele Scanlon – Happy list

This is not exactly a review. I read The Goddess Experience by Gisele Scanlon a while ago and I have to say it is a lovely book. First of all, it looks really pretty on my bedside table. But more than that, it is beautifully illustrated and actually has a few very good tips and suggestions. It is about the authoress’ quest for things that make her happy, in her home, in her wardrobe, in her favourite traveling destinations. Even though a lot of the things she mentions are not for the common folk without at least a trust-fund, the way she writes makes it fun to read. The thing I liked the most about The Goddess Experience were the drawings, very quirky illustrations that apparently she did while compiling her happy list.

Her idea of finding happiness in the little things was inspiring, so I decided to compile this list. A happy list. It’s just a list of random things that make me smile, little bits of happiness. I’m going to pin it up there along with my other lists because I think I’ll want to look at it often.

Happy list

Cuddles. I like the word, and I love cuddling.

Fresh flowers. This is a relatively recent revelation. I started buying flowers from a flower stall in my neighborhood and it really does make a difference. They make the rooms of the house pretty and I can’t help but smile when I look at them. I found daffodils, daisies and peonies to be immensely cheering. Wild flowers are also pretty great, I put them in small vases or old jam jars grouped on my windowsill.

Baking. I wish I baked more often. From buying the ingredients to mixing eggs and sugar and chocolate to waiting for time to pass while my cake is in the oven, I love baking. Is there anything better that filling the house with the smell of baked goods? I guess I should mention cook books here as well. I’ve accumulated quite a few cook books in the past years and even though I’ll probably only ever make a couple of recipes from each I like leafing through them, looking at the mouthwatering pictures and reading the introductions.

Reading. This is the obvious one. I think I’m addicted to that feeling you get usually around half way in a good book when you simply must know what’s going to happen and you find yourself thinking about the heroes all day long.

Long walks. Walking in parks in London, in the english countryside or at the beach, are all equally enjoyable. My usual walking companion is The Boy, I usually let him navigate and worry about our route and I just walk alongside him, which is incredibly relaxing.

Running. This is a bit weird. Before I go for a run all I can think of is the pain that comes from it. A few minutes in I always realise it’s actually fun and by the end all those endorphins make me forget all about the pain. But I always seem to forget how much I like it by the next time, here’s hoping writing it down here helps.

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