The Georgian House

A few weeks ago, The Boy took me to The Georgian House in Bristol. Clearly, he’s a keeper, because exploring a fully restored and decorated, late 18th century merchant’s house is probably the best way to spend a grey, rainy Sunday morning if you ask me.

Attention to detail has been paid in all the rooms, from the drawing room and the bedroom upstairs to the kitchen and the laundry room in the basement. The whole house is the perfect place for you to play out your georgian/regency fantasies.

The rooms that are above ground are all very grand, all sparkly chandeliers and delicate china and polished silver. I could almost see the ladies doing their needlework or playing the pianoforte in the drawing room, the gentlemen doing business in the library surrounded by hundreds of leather bound tomes. But the less glamorous rooms in the basement were the ones that I thought were amazing. The kitchen, the pantry, the laundry room, bare and in sharp contrast with the comfort found upstairs illuminated the hard life of the servants.

If you are ever in Bristol, I highly recommend visiting The Georgian House, especially if you, like me, dream of being a heroine in a Jane Austen novel. And if you have time, do as we did and go two blocks up Park Street to The Last Bookstore for some guilt-free book buying since every book there costs £2.

You can find The Georgian House at:
Great George Street – Just off Park Street
General House enquiries: 0117 921 1362

Admission is free


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