Best of 2011… so far

So I’m supposed to pick my favourite book of the year so far and I find myself in a bit of a bind. You see, most of the books I read this year I loved. In fact I was thinking the other day that I need to post some bad reviews to have some balance. Also, it seems to me that roasts are more fun to write (insert evil laugh here).

Anyway, I managed to pick one book as my best book of 2011 so far, and that book is The House of the Spirits by Isabel Allende. It was the first of her books that I read and I’m still kicking myself for avoiding it for so many years.

It’s an epic family story, spawning many generations. My favourite thing about this book is how effortlessly the author manages to intertwine a few supernatural elements with the real world. The book is very much about harsh realities like war, rape, revenge, and yet there is also Rosa, the gorgeous, green-haired creature and Clara who communicates with spirits and predicts the future.

I think Allende did a brilliant job transporting the reader to a time and a place long gone and I found that the book and the characters stayed with me after I was done reading. This book is highly recommended, and I would love to hear your thoughts if you do read it. If you want to know more, here is my full review of the book.

And just because I couldn’t resist: honourable mention goes to The Help by Kathryn Stockett (read my review here) and The Blind Assassin by Margaret Atwood (review to come).

What was your favourite book of the year so far?


16 thoughts on “Best of 2011… so far

  1. Risa says:

    This one sounds like something I would like to try – epics and sagas! Besides I’ve never read any book that is based in South America….this should be really interesting. Into my wishlist this goes!

  2. laurelrainsnow says:

    I haven’t read Allende yet, but she’s on my bucket list. Thanks for sharing.

    And I loved Blind Assassin, too!

    I only put down books that came out this year…but there were a lot of books I loved that came out in previous years, too.


    • bookworm says:

      I tend to read classics or books by favourite authors so it’s not often than I read a newly released book. I don’t think I’ve read a book released in 2011 yet…

  3. Lena says:

    Great review. I have heard of this book, but never got around to reading it. It sounds like it has some of everything in it that I like. Happy to find your blog and add it to my list of great blogs to follow. Hope to stay in touch. Happy BEA Week.

  4. Debbie says:

    I have not heard of this book, so a new one for my TBR pile. I’ve also noticed that a lot of book bloggers review YA. I will read it sometimes, but it’s not my genre of choice.

    • bookworm says:

      I sometimes read YA, I particularly enjoyed The great and terrible beauty trilogy a few years ago and I read Prep last autumn, but most of the time I go for literary fiction. And of course, I have a list of classics that I’m working my way through. I often see great reviews of YA books on many of the blogs I follow, but I don’t know if I’ll ever get to them.

  5. Pussreboots says:

    I read House of Spirits back in 2006 before I really got into book blogging.

    In 2009 I decided to step away reviewing for publishers and publicists. I felt like I was losing my focus and drifting from my mission statement of sharing the joys of reading. Call it taking a librarian’s approach to blogging. Come see what I mean.

    • bookworm says:

      I don’t think there were specific rules about this, but since I read 12 books so far this year I should really be able to pick just one. The movie was good but very different from the book, I think the book is way better.

  6. Amy says:

    I haven’t read The House of the Spirits yet but I read Daughter of Fortune recently and I’m now reading Portrait in Sepia, which is sort of a sequel to Daughter. I love Isabel Allende’s writing style and the absorbing nature of her books!
    I haven’t read The Help yet but I have a copy her just waiting for me and I’m anxious to read it.

    I recently read Faith by Jennifer Haigh and loved it. Even better was Dani Shapiro’s Devotion. Both are 2011 books. My favorite books that I’ve read this year are The History of Love by Nicole Krauss and Little Boy Lost by Marghanita Laski

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