Books read – November

I swear I don’t know how people do it. I read book blogs of people with jobs and families and social lives and it amazes me how they find time to read. I’ve been really struggling to find time to read… I spend a lot of time at the library or in lectures, and usually when I come home at night I’m too tired to read, so for the past month most of my reading was in the tube commuting to and from college. So, I read three books in November:

  • Her Fearful Symmetry by Audrey Niffenegger
  • Ring for Jeeves by P.G. Wodehouse
  • Jeeves and the Feudal Spirit by P.G. Wodehouse
My thoughts on Her Fearful Symmetry can be found here. With the whole plot being centred around death and Highgate cemetery, finishing this book left me wanting something cheerful. I cannot think of anything better than P.G. Wodehouse for some sunny, happy reading.
So I picked up the next Wodehouse novel on my list (I’m reading them in chronological order) , Ring for Jeeves. This book does not feature Bertie Wooster and his unique storytelling, so it was certainly different. Still, the plot is hilarious, as always there are huge mix-ups, people are caught in dreadful situations and Jeeves seems to be the only one who can set things right. Even in his absence though, Bertie still managed to make me laugh… The thought of him going away to a special school to learn how to mend his socks and make his own breakfast is just ridiculous!
I was glad to have Bertie back in Jeeves and the Feudal Spirit. It is just a perfect P.G. Wodehouse novel, this one made me laugh out loud on the train a lot (people were looking at me funny but who cares). Bertie faces aunts, uncles, Roderick Spode’s, Stiton Cheesewright’s and accidental engagements, but still manages to escape unscathed using Jeeves brilliance.
Here is some of Bertie Wooster’s brilliant relationship advice, I think we could all use…
Love is a delicate plant that needs constant tending and nurturing, and this cannot be done by snorting at the adored object like a gas explosion and calling her friends lice.
Dash it, I mean, you don’t go telling people you will break their spines in four places if they come oiling around the adored object unless you have more than a passing fancy for the bally girl.”

6 thoughts on “Books read – November

  1. Bina says:

    "The adored object!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€ A Jeeves book without Bertie is like Ernie without Bert, canยดt imagine it. Arenยดt you glad Wodehouse wrote so much?As or finding time to read: I also mainly read during my commute and on lazy Sunday while waiting for the laundry to be done. I find it helps to always have a book with you. But 3 books is a good normal amount, so it doesnยดt look like you need to worry much ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Paige says:

    Three books is definitely nothing to be ashamed about! =) I know how you feel though–I hardly ever read for pleasure anymore. I'm up and about from 6am-5/5:30pm. By the time I get home, I want to just sit and do nothing for awhile. Then it's time for cooking, homework, and sleep so I can start all over again.

  3. Danielle says:

    I know exactly how you feel about not finding any time to read for fun. I'm so busy with school and work that by the time I come home later in the day I'm really tired, have dinner to make, have tons of homework to do, and want to do nothing but sit on my butt in front of the tv. It's horrible! Sometimes I can't even keep up with the reading for my classes! I hope it gets better next semester and I hope that you find yourself able to read more books too!

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