Going, going… gone

It’s been a rather slow summer up till now, but it’s quickly becoming a very busy one. So I am leaving for a week in London tomorrow, which is very exciting. Packing appropriate clothes is a bit stressful because we are having 40 degrees Celsius weather here and in London it’s 20 and raining… Hm… carrying an umbrella while being very tanned is kinda surreal but anyway… I’ve been to London before but there are a gazillion things I stillย want to see and if there’s time I want to go to Paris with the Eurostar. I also really want to visit Bath or Brighton, I want to see the places that were so fashionable back in Jane Austen’s time…

After I return I will be going to stay with some friends at a beach house for about a week and I have every intention to limit my functions toย sleeping, swimming and reading under the umbrella.

I don’t think I’m going to be posting here much (or at all) but I will very possibly be tweeting. When I return I will do a couple of book reviews, hopefully something other than Wodehouse although I make no promises, and I should have some cool pictures to post too.


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