Join me by Danny Wallace

Another ridiculous experiment by Danny Wallace, another hilarious book! Before saying yes, Danny actually became the leader of a collective sort of by accident and this book chronicles his adventures…

He merely asked people to join him. Even though he didn’t really know what he was doing in the beginning, he slowly became immersed in this project. His obsession with meeting his joinees took over his life and ruined his relationship but reading about it is very, very funny… In the end, even though the purpose of the collective was set almost by necessity it is quite brilliant: all the members should try to perform one random act of kindness every Friday! I’d dare say this became a phenomenon, since thousands of people from around the world have joined and are still helping old men cross the street or carry their groceries…

As is the case with Yes man, this book is more than a funny story. It is inspiring in it’s way, whether it makes you want to help old people or answer odd ads in the paper…

PS I joined.

Here are a few of the many funny/clever/absurd things Danny says…

“I grabbed my coat. We were off. Well, I grabbed my coat, waited the best part of an hour for Hanne to choose between one pair of black trousers and another virtually identical pair, had a cup of tea, approved the trousers, and then we were off.”

“It was a happy relationship. I was prepared to forgive her slight Norwegian quirks, she was prepared to forgive my entire personality.”

“The most ordinary people can easily be the most inspiring..”

“A group of Americans sat down at a table behind me and began to talk about their day, loudly and with the confidence of people who think no one else in the country can possibly understand them. They weren’t particularly impressed with Paris. Or the food. Or the French. The croissants weren’t as good as the ones you get in America, it seems. Nor the wine. I imagine you probably also got better French people over there. You certainly get better Americans.”

“But I put it down to the fact that we live in entirely different worlds. His, where every piece of information, public and private, is immediately to hand and technology rules the day, and mine, where if the toaster isn’t working properly I hit it with a shoe.”

“At first I was amazed at the scene. Here we were – the Voice of British Asians and the Voice of Polish Butter – in many ways two classic cultural icons, sitting together for probably the first time in the history of the world.”

“And these people were relying on me. They wanted to do good… they just never had enough of an excuse before.”

5 thoughts on “Join me by Danny Wallace

  1. KilljoyKali says:

    haha That looks like it's really fun to read. I was sitting there laughing at all of the quotes. I can't even pick a favorite because they were all so good. I agree with Bina though. The toaster one was pretty funny. 🙂

  2. Maria says:

    Yeah, it is a random experiment that accidentally turned into quite an inspiring "cult"… I too have some "special moves" when my laptop decides to stop functioning properly! 😉

  3. Maria says:

    And there are many more hilarious bits in the book… Actually, I would advise against reading this book in public because you will be laughing out loud so hard and so often that people will definitely stare at you!

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