Books read – June

I’m away for the week so this will be a very short post, but I promise I am going to post separate reviews for each one of these books… (my thoughts on Unaccustomed Earth are here)

So, my June reads:

  • Unaccustomed Earth by Jhumpa Lahiri
  • Join me: The true story of a man who started a cult by accidentย by Danny Wallace
  • The Hobbit by J.R.R.Tolkien
  • Thank you Jeeves by P.G.Wodehouse

June was a very good month when it comes to my reading, all the books were very, very good!


4 thoughts on “Books read – June

  1. Maria says:

    My review of The Hobbit is coming tomorrow! Hint: it will be a positive one!
    Did you like it? You should do a review too! And by the way, welcome to the vox neighborhood!

  2. Lucky says:

    Tomorrow? Great! And thanks for a welcome ;). I was thinking about
    writing a review on The Hobbit, but I have really terrible memory and I
    read it about three weeks ago, so rather not :D. But I know I liked it
    (at least I remember this).I started reading The Hobbit, because I wanted to
    read a whole The Lord of the Rings trilogy and my brother told me to
    start with it :). Right now, I'm reading the last part of the trilogy –
    The Return of the King, but it's so dark. I quite like it, but not as
    much as The Hobbit (for example). But I guess it might be caused by the
    fact that I'm not in the right mood for dark stories and this stuff. Have you read The Lord of the Rings? Or are you going to?

  3. Maria says:

    Yup, I've read the trilogy last summer and I liked it a lot, that's why I picked up The Hobbit… I don't think I made a review for it though…

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